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Architecture is one of the great arts. Each structure is a monument that identifies the civilizations of the past and present. The understanding of past forms helps us understand how people have progressed over thousands of years. These forms are expressed in monuments, paintings, sculptures, and buildings. After viewing all these pieces of history, art, and science, we can identify each culture through their buildings. People see the Parthenon as a symbol of ancient Greece. Everyone recognizes the Colosseum in Rome as the primary sporting facility of the Roman Empire. Identifying the architectural basics will help in understanding more about our architectural history and where we might be going in the future.



Architecture is a profession of honor. What is more honorable than providing shelter for everyone on earth? Architect's make the human-made world beautiful based on natural proportions and principles of art and design. The Architect designs for the advancement of people, business, and governments. When you think of architecture, what comes to mind? Is it Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater or the Colosseum in Rome? 

Interior Design

Interior design is the design profession that responds to human needs. Most people think of interior design as decorating. Decorating is a small portion of the design services, but not a primary focus. An interior designer is versed in accessibility standards, lighting design, materials and finishes, systems furniture, and space planning. It is the profession that views design from the human usage perspective.

Art History

Henry the VIII as a young man.

Henry the VIII as a young man.

Great works of art surround us. However, we generally can only name a handful of paintings, sculptures, or even artists. The great works of the Renaissance have shaped our world. Da Vinci and Michelangelo created some of the most profound examples of art, but what are we missing?  Art from the French caves to the impressionist period are continually influencing our lives.