Important people of research

Brunelleschi - architect of the Florence dome.

Donatello - Sculptor

Lorenzo de' Medici - Patron of the arts and leader of renaissance Florence.

Leonardo da Vinci - Painter, Sculptor, Inventor, Architect

Michelangelo - Architect, Sculptor, Painter

Machiavelli - Author of the book The Prince

Perspective Drawing

The Renaissance saw many advancements in math, science, and the arts. One was the use of perspective drawing. This drawing type gives a more realistic view. More like what we see with our eyes. The drawing is based on a Vanishing Point and a Horizon Line. The vanishing point is where your eyes are pointed. The horizon line the the level of your eyes on the background. Image you are looking into a picture frame. Then focus on a center point. That is your vanishing point. Then imagine a line running across the picture straight through the vanishing point. That line is the horizon line. From that point you have the organization for your drawing.

The second item is to draw a small box away from the vanishing point. Then draw light lines from the corners of the box to the vanishing point. This is the vanishing lines.

Watch the video to finish the rest of your drawing.