Welcome to Foundations In Architecture. As you voyage through the world of architecture and design, you will see precedents from the beginning of the recorded history. Architecture is the key to understanding how civilizations evolve. We can study ruins and historical documents. Analyzing historical patterns make us realize that we as humans still function nearly the same as the early civilizations.

As for the course, you will be studying a different topic every week; all historical based. Some weeks will have the added geography topics and principles and elements of design. As a grade school course, questions need to be direct with no confusion. As we voyage to Egypt, talk only about Egypt, the geography, and the principles behind the designs. For the younger, students read to them out of the selected books. Some of the information may seem simplistic, but it is the foundations that will build their architectural vocabulary. Start with week with the reading assignment. As you read, show the examples in the book. Focus on shapes, bold terms, color, and construction methods. Kids love construction. Also, relate structures to items they may have seen in their lives. Such as the size of Khufu's Pyramid to an object they may have a relationship. If they have been to see a skyscraper that is 40 stories tall, make them realize that the pyramid is approximately the same size. Possibly walk with them around the block to show the size of the base. Try to integrate as many relationships to current structures.