Are there prerequisites for the courses?

There are no prerequisites. Each course starts the semester with a week discussing what is architecture. 

Can my student enroll in courses beyond their grade level?

Yes. As homeschool parents and educators we understand that not all students fit the traditional grade system. If the student can handle increased workload and advanced inquiry feel free to enroll. If you have concerns contact us directly so we can discuss the possibilities. 

How many courses may my student enroll?

The student may enroll in as many courses as needed. Students pursing careers directly after high school may want to enroll in a track leading to a draftsperson skill set. A college bound student interested in an architecture or interior design career can prepare by taking any of the high school courses. The high school courses are designed as preparatory courses for the architectural fields of study. Contact us for a custom plan for your student. 

How long are the courses?

All courses are designed for 32 weeks and have OPEN ENROLLMENT. Since homeschool schedules vary, students have additional weeks built into the semester. 

If circumstances prevent a student from completing during the contracted semester, contact the instructor for extension options. 

Does each course have an instructor?

Each course has a dedicated instructor with limited enrollment. Courses have a maximum enrollment of 10 students per semester. Students can contact the instructor through the internal email and discussion forums. 

How do I access my online course?

Once enrolled into Foundations In Architecture, you will receive a login ID and password to access the online campus. Since many colleges use a Learning Management System (LMS), our system will be prepared students for college and training programs. Each course is a hybrid of traditional materials with supported online content.

Do I have a certain time of day to be online?

No. Classes are open 24 hours a day. Since our student population is global, there is no set hours. Instructors respond as soon as possible.

What if my student does not understand an assignment?

The best method will be to email the instructor. The instructor will respond within 36-48 hours, during the five day work week. Using the internal email protects our students and sends the instructor a message informing them of a student email.

How do I pay for courses?

We have several methods of payment. 

1. You can add courses in the Tuition section and pay by Paypal. 

2. Fill out the enrollment form on the website and FIA will submit an invoice for the courses. 

3. Directly purchase at a homeschool fair. 

4. Call 1-888-761-6294 and we can handle transactions over the phone. 

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Check, and Money Order.