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History of Architecture by TKW

History of Architecture by TKW

Foundations In Architecture courses are organized to revolve around the time periods of historical architecture. Courses are designed to work across all age groups. This will allow students at different grades to be studying the same information. Families can then study together grasping concepts and creating projects within the same historical period. 

There is no prerequisite for each course. Our program weaves multiple topics within the context of architectural education.

The courses are hybrids with physical materials and online content. The courses are arranged like college. They are organized in weeks, so everyone can keep track. Each week has reading, videos, short answers, essay or a project. The amount of time varies depending on the student. Each week is design with a workload of 3-4 hours (High School) and 2 hours for all others. It’s all at your pace. 


2015 - 2016 Course Selection 

Grades K-4

  • Architecture Basics

    • The is a project based overview of architecture and construction. Students will learn the basic principles of architecture and design. 

Grades 5-7

  • Foundations in Architecture for Middle School

    • The course is project based with a focus on architecture and urban planning. 

Grades 8-12

  • Foundations in Architecture for High School

    • The high school is project based with reading comprehension quizzes. This is pre-architecture course for students exploring future careers in the architecture fields.